We provide another viewpoint - a place to start, prioritizing, or design ideas. Organizing your living space can be daunting, we work with you to ensure the process is easy and convenient.

Virtual Home Staging

  • Realtors can get buyers through the door with staged photos - statistics prove it, and all for a fraction of the cost of physical staging!

  • Show prospective buyers & renters the potential of vacant properties.

  • Avoid costly decorating mistakes by visualizing a room’s possibilities.

Design & Decorate

  • Decorate from the ground up or add accessories and textural components - we do it all.

Source products

  • Need help narrowing down to your perfect look - we know what’s out there and can help you reduce time in your search.

provide alternative options & help Organize

  • Rework your current layout - another perspective always helps.

  • Rid yourself of excess 'stuff' - Marie Kondo your way to happiness.

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