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How to place an order?

  • Fill out the form below - once completed and paid, attach your pictures and email to

  • Please send multiple photos of each room or if you have a link to drop box or the the photographer’s site that works well too. Because we’re working from photos we like as many photos as possible to determine the best ones to market your property.

What are the photo guidelines?

  • We ONLY accept .jpg, .jpeg photos. It's best to send the highest resolution photos available.

  • Photos should be taken horizontally with the camera held level at 4-5 feet (chest level) above the floor, with a nice mix of floor and ceiling in the shot. We strongly recommend against using wide-angle lens for the rooms and against portrait (or vertically oriented) photos as well.

What happens if I upload a photo that is a small size or low resolution or may not work with your service?

  • We work with you to ensure that you'll have a great end product - it may involve sending several photos of the same room from which we can choose.

How long does it take to process my order and get my staged photos back?

  • Our turn around averages about 2 business days. We often have them sooner but that depends also on backlog.

Where can I use the virtually staged photos?

  • The staged photos are now yours and can be used in any way you'd like. Our real estate clients often use them for online MLS photos and for printed brochures - even posters.

Do you alter the photographs by changing the wall colors, adding appliances and removing fixtures, etc? 

  • We DO NOT edit the underlying photos of the property - this means not changing wall colors, carpet, repairs, touch-ups or hide damages. We support the National Association of Realtors code of ethics, we're merely decorating the space as any other stager does.

What if the photos that I provide have some furnishings and décor in them already?

  • We're able to remove items from a rooms that aren't too cluttered for an extra fee of $45.00. If the decor of your client isn't universally appealing, let us remove their current items and stage for you.